Kevin Silcotec Europe

Kevin Granger – Key Account Manager

Kevin is the most recent addition to the Silcotec Europe senior management team. Kevin joined the SMT in 2013.

He brought with him 30 years of mechanical and electronic manufacturing experience across a number of demanding sectors.

He and his team work not only in delivering on current customers requirements but using their design skills to work with clients to develop mechanical and electronic solutions for new critical technologies.

Kevin has a vast and varied career history steeped in the “weird art of interconnection systems”. On leaving school Kevin initially ventured in the world of mechanical engineering, designing and machining a vast array of products and devices but realised that although the design elements was stimulating that mechanical engineering was not going to be for him. In 1982, showing quite some vision for a young man, he took time out to study electronics at college at a time when the electronics course still had a quite a heavy module on valves! This turned out to be a smart career move for the young man Granger as on graduation he found that highly skilled electronics engineers were in high demand.

Kevin soon made quite a name for himself with his ability to solve interconnection problems and find practical ,pragmatic and durable solutions for products in which interconnections played a critical role.

Kevin still gets a huge thrill from solving a design challenge

Kevin definitely enjoys the trend toward more vertical integration between supplier and customer. It is fair to say that Silcotec Europe are far more likely to be involved in the prototype and design stages of new products with their client partners than they ever have been before. At Silcotec Europe our outlook and philosophy is very much ‘our team , is your team’ and this makes for a very rewarding, high value relationship for experienced hands like Kevin.