Enda Bonner Silcotec Europe

Enda Bonner – Key Account Manager

Enda celebrates his coming of age at Silcotec Europe this year – 21 years with the business. Enda joined the business in 1992 as an Electronic Engineering Graduate.

During his career he has occupied quality, engineering, project management and sales roles. Enda has an intimate knowledge of the business, its capabilities, methodologies, culture and philosophy.

Enda works closely with customers at all stages of the commercial relationship to ensure the smoothest transition into the Silcotec Europe outsourced model and building an ongoing seamless relationship. His role involves supporting customers and the Silcotec Operations teams in building a seamless connection between customers and Silcotec Europe.

His breadth of experience is crucial to his role in ensuring the provision of high impact value adds for customers. Having held significant roles as a Quality Engineer; leading the business’s engineering group; building and developing quotations and costings and working with World Class OEMs for many years he has given him a deep, practical understanding of customer requirements. This real world experience provides him with a vast library of potential solutions and fixes for clients’ challenges.

In a world where there is now a far more nuanced and sophisticated approach to procurement and outsourcing Enda’s experience and skill sets pay dividends for both Silcotec and its clients. With many companies now looking toward forging strong Value Added Relationships when selecting outsourced partners rather than just a “cost-down” approach to procurement, clearly you need to have value to add. With a multi-disciplinary background comes a whole bundle of insights and clarity of vision in active problem solving that brings outside the box thinking to the most complex technical design and electrical engineering challenges.

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