Ann Flaherty Silcotec Europe

Ann Flaherty – Commercial Manager

Ann has over twenty years experience at Silcotec Europe in purchasing, logistics and quotations, progressing into business development in 2006, where she was involved in developing and generating new sales leads and opportunities for the company.

She currently holds the role of Commercial Manager and provides the crucial link between Silcotec Europe and its suppliers, and covers all aspects of purchasing, logistics and customer service. Her particular forte is sourcing innovative solutions across the supply chain to meet customers specific needs. She provides support across the group  in various aspects of purchasing, logistics, customer services and commercial problem solving

Twenty years of procurement experience has given, Anne, as Silcotec Europe’s head of procurement, some fascinating insights about how lean extends through the supply chain.

Often, Lean has been viewed as the domain of the manufacturing floor but this is not the case at Silcotec Europe. Lean principles and practices go beyond the firms centres of manufacturing excellence to all of a its processes, as well as being extended to Procurement and supply management.

Truly Lean Enterprises like Silcotec Europe have gone far beyond the manufacturing floor. At Silcotec Europe Lean is more than just a toolset, but a methodology that extends across the enterprise and represents a way of thinking that when appropriately applied and led by senior management can provide benefits to Procurement, Supply Management and the entire enterprise.

At Silcotec Europe the lean concept reaches right across the enterprise and extends to the keen art and science of procurement. Ann heads up the Silcotec Europe procurement group and as such is at the forefront of their lean procurement programme.

It is clear that 20 years of working with Silcotec Europe suppliers has enabled Ann to develop a well oiled machine around  the procurement discipline. The Silcotec Europe supply chain is its own dynamic ecosystem that is made up of processes, products and companies working together extremely smoothly to adding value to the entire network as they meet their goal of exactly meeting customer requirements in the most cost effective manner.