Linguists support integration

New recruits support commitment to supply chain integration

More and more of our customers have moved away from pure ‘cost down’ procurement and now look toward building a value managed relationship with key suppliers. In our search and selection processes we are always looking for new team members to support this sort of  integration.

As we have customers and suppliers across the World we often look for key staff with multi-lingual skills to drive integration across our  Global supply chain

Two of Silcotec Europe’s newest recruits not only bring their skills to the business but add to the business’s armoury of linguists. Silcotec Europe prides itself on the depth of its  integration with its clients, and, in turn with its own suppliers.

Fulfilling this commitment would be considerably more difficult if language differences hindered communication. So Tibor Barath, General Manager at the Komarno Centre of Manufacturing excellence was delighted to welcome both Peter Balla and Lucia Jancova to the team.

Peter is fluent in English/German/Polish/Hungarian and native Slovak and has joined Silcotec Europe as a Technical Buyer. He has already packed a lot in to his 33 years and has worked in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Northern Ireland. After his travelling Peter returned and worked in the supply chain side of the construction industry, sourcing and negotiating with suppliers of raw materials across Europe. This role was not only about technical buying but about working with suppliers and clients to find technical solutions for construction issues.

General Manager, Tibor Barath commented: “It became apparent in the recruitment process that Peter’s whole approach as a buyer was based on working with suppliers. When we work with our customers we work to build a relationship strong on vertical integration and the same with our suppliers.”

Lucia’s pan European work experience means she has mastered, English, German and Polish. At Silcotec Europe we major on customer service and our customers span Europe.

Lucia worked for 3 years in England for a company building turbines in the aerospace sector. Her travels then took her to Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

Her experience not only of different languages but also different cultures have clearly enhanced her communication skills. Paul Bullock, Group Operations Manager, observed: “We pride ourselves on our high degree of integration with our customers. Lucia has joined one of our dedicated customer service teams. We work hand in glove with our customers and that is not just about understanding of language but having a cultural match. Lucia is proving a great asset in that regard”